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Production Hacks

Active Users with Redis

March 22nd 2011

Want to log and display the active users in your web application? Enjoy using Redis? Read on.


A user with ID 123 hits our web application. The unix timestamp (seconds since epoch) for the current date and time is: 1300803419.


We insert the user’s ID as a member of the ‘active-users’ Sorted Set, using the timestamp as the score.

ZADD ‘active-users’ 1300803419 123

If 123 was already a member of the Sorted Set, Redis would only update the score to the new timestamp, effectively setting the user’s last action timestamp.


If you want to display the active users in the last 15 minutes, you will first need to generate 2 timestamps.

timestamp1 = 15 minutes ago

timestamp2 = current date and time

Then return a range of members in the ‘active-users’ Sorted Set using these timestamps as the min and max scores.

user_ids = ZRANGEBYSCORE ‘active-users’ timestamp1 timestamp2

The returned array will contain the user ID’s of all users active in the last 15 minutes.

That’s it.

What I like about this approach is that it’s simple and lightweight; only 1 entry in the Sorted Set per user. You can also query “active users in the last X minutes/days/months” up to the date when you began logging the requests.

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